Top 10 Gifts for Asthmatics

Are you still trying to get those last minute gifts for the holidays?  It’s ok, I’m right there with you.  You might have people in your life that are super hard to buy for too.  Yup, me too.  You might even have some health conscious people in your life that want to improve their health.  Maybe even an asthmatic or two.  If you do, don’t worry.  I’ve got you covered!  Below I’ll give you my Top 10 gifts for the friends and family in your life that have asthma and are on a path to reduce their symptoms.

1. Winter Hat, Gloves & Scarf – $10-$25

You might be thinking this is so unoriginal, but trust me, an asthmatic will totally thank you!  During the winter, it can get very cold, depending on your location, and bundling up is one way an asthmatic can ward off colds and other illnesses.  You can get them for any asthmatic in your life – your brother in-law, your niece or even your son.  These three can be found on but you can go to your favorite store and find a set that fits your recipient.  One word of caution, many asthmatics have issues with certain materials so you may want to check on material preference before purchasing or just get a gift receipt.


2. Himalayan Salt Lamp – $20 and up

The Himalayan Salt Lamp is one of my favorite things in the house.  For one, it’s beautiful.  Two, it puts off a really nice soft glow that lights up the room perfectly.  And the best reason, it helps balance the air around it.  That reason may not sound like so much of a big deal, but balance the ions in the air is key for an asthmatic.  When heated, the lamp will emit negative ions that fight against radiation.  The air then helps you sleep better at night and lets you breathe easier.  This one I found on for less than $20.00 and even has Prime shipping so you can get it before Christmas.


3. Breathable Pillow Protector – $10-$25

Now hear me out.  Yes, a pillow case may not seem like the most wonderful gift, but for an asthmatic it is.  This is a zippered pillow case that blocks out bed bugs, dust mites and helps control allergies which in turn cuts down on respiratory issues.  This one happens to be made of super tight breathable cotton which makes for the perfect allergen barrier.  I have one underneath my regular pillow case and it truly does help me have a better night’s sleep.  Again, this one can be found on for less than $10.00 and has Prime shipping too!


4. An Indoor Plant – Varies

This one is for the asthmatic green thumb in your family.  Indoor plants can be a wonderful gift because they add beauty to the home and they help reduce symptoms.  The trick is choosing the right one.  The plants I recommend are the Peace Lily, Marginata and Mother-in-Law’s Tongue.  The Peace Lily and Marginata are easy to take care of because they doesn’t need too much water or light but still grow well.  The Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, also known as the Snake Plant, is my personal favorite because it’s the most efficient at removing toxins from the air.  But like the Peace Lily, it can be toxic when ingested so make sure the furry friends and children steer clear.  There are more to choose from so check out your local home goods or hardware store’s garden department.


5. Essential Oils – $10 and up

Essential oils are the up and coming trend, but they are amazing and have such wonderful powers.  Some asthmatics can also be very sensitive so you’ll have to do your homework first.  If it your recipient doesn’t have any issues, these will be a nice surprise.  My go-to oils are eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint.  The eucalyptus oil helps clear sinus passage and helps cleanse the body of toxins.  The lavender oil has calming properties and aids with sleep.  The peppermint oil also has a calming sensation but brings about energy and has a cooling sensation.  These oils can be added to lava stone jewelry or used in a diffuser.


6. Air Purifier – over $50

An air purifier is a more expensive gift but oh, so worth it!  These little machines can range in price and size but help to remove 99% of the dust and allergens from the air.  This one from removes the dust and allergens as small as 0.3 microns and even reduces common household odors.  For an asthmatic, breathing clean air is a wonderful thing to have and this would be a great addition to the home.


7. Asthma-Free Naturally – $12.10 (paperback) / $3.99 (Kindle)

As a health coach, and an asthmatic, I’m always encouraging natural remedies over medication.  Asthma-Free Naturally is a book that teaches the reader how to take control of their asthma safely and effectively.  The author discusses the Buteyko Breathing Method and provides guidance on diet, sleep, exercise and other changes that can be made to reduce or eliminate symptoms.  I can attest to the fact that making small changes will help you and I highly recommend this book.  You can find it on


8. Inhaler Case – $5 and up


One thing I never leave the house without is my inhaler.  I’m sure the asthmatics in your life feel exactly the same.  So a carrying case might be the perfect gift.  After a quick Google search, I landed on and found TONS!  The version on Etsy range from simple to intricate and even have specialty ones.  I love this idea for a gift because it can be clipped onto a backpack, your key ring or even your belt loop and the recipient will always have it close by.  There are other businesses that sell them but when you can, I recommend shopping small.


9. Medical ID Bracelet – $3-over $300

As with the inhaler cases, there are variety of places to get these.  I purchased mine from American Medical ID and I even chose one that was a little more girly (see above) so it blended in with my other bracelets.  This is a great gift for anyone with a chronic illness because they can be customized with a name, telephone number, illness or something else.  Because these require engraving, they might not arrive for Christmas but are still a very special gift because it shows you care for the recipient.


10. Journal – $5-$20

A journal is not something for everyone, but it’s something I highly recommend.  A journal can be used for so many things, including recording good symptom days, bad symptom days and what the triggers are on those bad symptoms days.  Part of helping to reduce the symptoms of asthma is to know what the triggers are and for each person, it’s individual.  Recording the symptoms on a regular basis will help the recipient know what to stay away from to avoid attacks.  Journals can be found in so many stores and online and I love that you can make it personal.  Think of the person you’re buying for and make it special.

While these gifts are perfect for asthmatics, they really can be great for any recipient in your life that’s working toward living a healthier life.  Gift giving is a language of love so when choosing the gift, think of the person you’re giving to and make it special for them.  Enjoy your gift giving and love up your family and friends this holiday season! <3 🙂

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  1. Tina says:

    Aw, these are very special and thoughtful. I have a Dad that is asthmatic and he’s now in his 70s, so it’s starting to get worse. Thank you for posting these. I’ll be getting him a couple of these and my husband and I do a little leather working (novice), so because of this article, I think I’ll make him an asthma inhaler carrying case. Very sweet of you. I know what you struggle with having asthma. God bless you sweetheart. – Tina

    1. jennmullenhc says:

      Oh I’m so glad these ideas helped, Tina. Some of the gifts I mention are so simple, but to an asthmatic, they’ll be everything! I’d love to see a picture of the carrying case when you’re done. 😉

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