Finding time to eat healthy can be a challenge.

Especially for those that are busy and have chronic conditions they need to worry about.  As an asthmatic, having the rightquality foods close by at all times is absolutely necessary to managing my condition.  If you have asthma or another chronic condition, I’m sure you can relate.

That’s where prepping your food can come in and ultimately save you time.  All you need is one day a week and a few hours on that day.  Simple right?  Yes!  But it can feel overwhelming with all the priorities you juggle on a regular basis.  The tricks to prepping your food is to have the right tools, plan ahead and don’t buy something if you don’t want to end up eating it.

Time for Nutrition centers around the basics of nutrition and helps you decide what foods are good for you, your family and what foods you could benefit from. It starts by going through your pantry.  As we do this, I teach you

  • How to read and understand food labels
  • What foods to swap for a healthier diet
  • How to prepare a menu for the week and keep everyone happy
  • What flavors go well together
  • How to sort snacks to save time
  • How to repackage foods that are in larger volumes to ensure you’re eating just the right amount
  • Why purchasing a certain type of containers for your food is essential to good health

Throughout this program, you make the decisions, I provide the guidance.   By making small changes, you and your family can lead a healthier lifestyle.