Finding time to eat healthy can be a challenge.

Especially for those that are busy and have chronic conditions they need to worry about.  I know it can feel overwhelming, but there is hope.

Prepping both meals and snacks can can save you time, help you eat better and save you money since food won’t necessarily spoil. All you need is a few hours a day.

There are three tricks to prepping your food:

  1. Having the right tools
  2. Planning ahead
  3. Not buying food that you know you (or your family) won’t eat

Time for Nutrition centers around these three basics, helps you decide what is right for you and your family and helps you learn how to eat healthier but still save money. And it starts in the pantry.

Together we will

  • Read & understand food labels
  • Discover foods that can be swapped for healthier options
  • Determine what flavors work well together
  • Sort snacks to help save time
  • Make a weekly menu the whole family will enjoy
  • Repackage foods to ensure you eat the right amount
  • Decide if purchasing new containers is right for you

Throughout this program, YOU make the decisions. I provide the education, guidance and support. Are you ready to take the next step? Click the link below to schedule you’re consultation.

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