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Stressed Much??

One of the things I use to manage my stress level is exercise.  And when I don’t exercise, I notice my mental health deteriorates.  Over the past month, I’ve been dealing with some crazy stuff at work and boy, has it been a stressful September!  Needless to say, I have allowed myself to slack a bit and not exercise as much as I should.

I know everyone goes through ups and downs with health and fitness but the question is, how do you start back again quickly?  I know this stressful period of time will pass and I will get my life back on track…but when?! It’s like I’m in a movie and the suspense is killing me.
That being said, I have managed to keep up with my nutrition…mostly.   With the holidays approaching, candy and yummy goodness seems to be all around! It has been a battle but I know because I am not able to exercise as much as I would like and because I am not able to control a lot of things with work, my nutrition is the one thing I can control.  I have even parties with snacks galore and been ok.
One  of the ways I’ve managed to keep up with my nutrition is by using the containers that come with the 21 Day Fix program to monitor my portion size.
21 Day Fix Containers
I am able to eat whatever I want (really) within a certain portion and goal for each day.  Because I’ve been able to control this aspect of my life, my weight hasn’t changed all that much and yes, I can deal with my stress level, even if just a little bit.
The moral of my story is that even if you are struggling with your health and fitness, it is okay because you will get back on track.  If you can’t control the time you have available to you, find pieces of your life that you control, like your nutrition intake, your spending habits or the company you keep.  Another thing that has really helped me is having people I can turn to when I need to.  Becoming a Health Coach has helped me realize that there are ups and downs with health and fitness and the Coaches I have met (and now call my tribe) are there for me if I need support.  If you’re in this position and need support, message me!  At the end of the day, remember to keep your head up and know that things can get better if you will them to.

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