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What Season are You In?

You’re probably thinking Winter…if you are living in New England.  But that’s not the season I’m talking about.  When I ask you “What season are you in?” I’m referring to your stage in life.  

If you’re reading this when it was first published, then it’s the holidays and for most of us, that means a season of craziness.  It’s a time when everyone is shopping for presents, decorating the house, trying to figure out the holiday meal and that means leaving behind a lot of things that should be priorities.  And the season is one of stability…especially for me.

Right now, it’s about surviving.  It’s about coasting and getting through the end of the year.  Sad, but true.  For me, during this last quarter of the year I basically eliminate a lot of my scheduling, a lot of my priorities and just stop doing the things I should.  You might have noticed that if you’ve come to this page over the past month or so.  For some reason, every year, this happens.  I go blank and almost want to give up.  Are you feeling like this?  If so, read on…

Feeling like you’re just floating on the surface is normal from time to time.  As humans, we don’t have the energy or power go give 110% all the time.  In my opinion, it’s just not possible.  So how do we start back up again when we’re in this position?  We create systems!  I created a system for 2019 and I want to share it with you.  It’s a system of actions done repeatedly, every day, in the hopes that habits will form and this blank space won’t continue next year.  You may need to tweak this for your own needs, but hey, it’s a place to start.  Here you go!

TimeActions to Take Place
6:30 AMWake up
6:45 AMReview daily schedule
**In office, no distractions**
7:00 AM10min meditation
**In office, no distractions**
7:10 AMShower / Get ready for the day
7:45 AMBreakfast
9:00 AM – 2:00 PMWork at my part time job
2:30 – 4:00 PMWork my passion
**Work at a local coffee shop**
4:30 PMGym time
5:30 PMDinner
6:30 – 8:00 PMTV time
8:00 – 8:30 PMPlan for the next day / Journaling
**In office, no distractions**
8:30 – 9:30 PMReading time
9:30 PM – 6:30 AMSleep

There you have it!  Yes, it looks like a schedule, but it truly is a system.  By sticking to this routine each day in 2019, I’ll have a better chance of not having the blank space during the last quarter.  Now you’re probably saying to yourself “Every day cannot look like this” and you’re right!  Times might shift and actions might shift and that’s ok!  If you make a schedule like this for yourself, aim for four (4) days a week to look like this.  On the other days, you can change out the actions with appointments and such.  Be flexible with yourself!  This is a tool and tools are meant to evolve and shift.  This system above is in its most basic form and I promise you, it will evolve.

Now that you’ve seen my system I’ve created, take some time to create your system.  Does it look like a schedule?  Does it have boundaries?  Is it specific?  Do you have support from others in your household to make it work?  Only you can answer these questions, but if you need a sounding board, you know I’m here.  I can’t wait to hear about your system and how you’re going to rock 2019!

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