Look Great…Save Money!

One of the ways we stay healthy is through our financial situation.  And clothes take up a big portion of most people’s budgets.  That portion of the budget doesn’t only include ourselves, but our families too!  According to a study done by the University of Michigan, parents can spend anywhere from $300 – over $1000 per year for the children’s clothing.  And the study didn’t even include how much the parents spent on themselves!  Can you believe that?  Total crazy talk!

But how can you reduce that spend?  There are few ways.

  1. Be more conscious about where you spend the money. – Instead of going to the high-priced retailers,  go to the local thrift store.  You can still get some of the best brands in good shape for a lot less price.  And just a wash before wear is all you need before adding the piece to your wardrobe.
  2. Do a clothing exchange. – I lived on hand-me-downs.  When I was a kid, pretty much all my clothes came from my older cousins.  And who I was I to care?  I was dressed.  And yes, I was very picky and the wannabe fashionista that I am today.  So set this up with the other people in your neighborhood and grab your kids a new outfit for school.  Who knows, you could even snag a dress for date night!
  3. Shop online. – It’s totally the wave of the future and some of the best retailers are heading in that direction…including thrift stores.  One of my favorite online thrift stores is Thred Up.  It’s owned by Amazon (who I love) and the prices are low, in some cases up to 90% off!  There are name brands and even pieces with the tags ripped off, which drives the price down.  Be sure to check the listing when shopping because it will tell you what quality the piece is in.  Here are a few other online retailers you might like too.

So what’s the moral to my story?  You and your family can totally look great, without spending a fortune.  And think of how much better you’ll feel when you find that amazing leather jacket in the thrift store and you only pay half the cost?  Shopping or swapping clothes is just one way to make your wallet feel financially healthy.

Now tell me…what was the best clothing or accessory you snagged at a discounted price?

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