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Around the holidays, we all tend to get a little stressed and our lives tend to get out of control.  It’s because we tend to lose a little bit of our focus and deter from the path we’re on.  Sometimes a diversion is a good thing, but not always.  For some of us, we get wrapped up into the spirit of gift giving and spend beyond our means.  For others, we get excited about all the food that will be spread out on tables and overeat.  For me, I do both.

In our family, and I mean the extended one, we have a lot of children.  I love to see their faces when they open presents.  The joy on a child’s face is like nothing else in the world and if it doesn’t warm your heart, then I don’t know what will.  Over time, my husband and I have learned to shop early and save money by shopping the clearance or sale rack or online stores.  In the past, we have definitely spent beyond our means just to make the children in our lives happy.  But we’ve also realized, we don’t need to go crazy every single year.  It’s too much for our own sanity and for our wallets.

As for the food, God have mercy!  (Geez, I sound like Elvis.)  During the holidays, food is everywhere for us.  Thanksgiving is at my parents house and my dad is the chef.  He seems to think we are feeding an army so cooks for 25+ people.  We have a ginormous turkey, potatoes, green bean casserole and at least five other sides.  Of course there’s rolls too.  Why wouldn’t there be some type of bread on the table?!   Then there’s dessert.  Pies, more bread, cookies, brownies.  And the wine is flowing too.  Like most of you out there, you may say “Oh it’s only one day” and drink and eat until you’re ready to pop.  And no, one treat day may not totally steer us off course, but if eating until you’re ready to pop is never good for your digestion.  Where Christmas is the following month, Thanksgiving Day leads to a whole month of goodies and overeating…if you’re not paying attention…

This holiday season, try to remember everything you’ve accomplished all year or keep where you’re headed in perspective.  Yes, one day is not going to hurt you but during the holiday season, it may steer you off course.  Be conscious of your portions (both in your wallet and on your plate).  And of course, remember to breathe.  If you stay calm, you’ll have a smoother holiday season.  I can promise you that!

So…finish this sentence on what you’re going to do this holiday season!

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