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It’s Gratitude Month

It’s Gratitude Month!  Yeah!!!

This is one of my favorite months of the year!  Maybe it’s because we get to celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends and families.  Maybe it’s because we get to eat tons of yummy food.  Or maybe it’s because it’s when I start to plan for the year ahead.  But the main reason I love this month is because it’s the month most people start to look around them and see everything the world has to offer.

Gratitude is this magical thing that we don’t talk about a lot.  Some of us don’t even acknowledge being grateful for things.  When we open our eyes and ears, we start to pay attention and see the world in a different light.  We can see how many good things are around us and understand what we have, is all that we need.  When we’re grateful, we change.

We start to notice that we’re grateful for having food in our refrigerators, for having clothes to put on our bodies and to be able to give back to help others in need.  We are grateful for feeling soreness when we workout and for tears that need to flow when our hearts need a break.  The point is, we start to evolve…and we become better people.

That’s why I decided to put a challenge out there.

Every day this month, I’ll be sharing what I am grateful for.  And I want you to join in!  On my Facebook page each day, you’ll find a post that shares what I’m grateful for that day.  What I want you to do is join me and comment with what you’re grateful for that day.  Simple!

What you’ll find is that doing this small act of finding something to be grateful for each day will change you.  You’ll change your outlook on life, change your mindset and ultimately become a healthier, happier person.   So who’s with me??

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