What Really is a Health Coach?


I was asked this question today and wondered if other people are curious what it is too.  When I think about a health coach, I think about the people in the world that help others with the health and wellness goals.  The truth is, a health coach can be so much more than just a personal trainer or a nutritionist.

A health coach really is the guidance that helps you while you’re on your journey.  This person can be your support system, a friend, an ally, a confidant.  A health coach helps you learn the ropes and helps you transition that learning into real action.  In most cases, a health coach and their client learn together.

Health coaches are different from personal trainers, nutritionists, clinicians and educators.   In most cases, the client does not have access to a personal trainer or nutritionist between sessions.  The client of a health coach would have access in between sessions because communication is key to helping the client grow inside and out.  A physician or an educator can give the client all the information in the world and share how this information would help the client be healthy, but in some cases, the physician or educator doesn’t help the client learn how to put it into action.  A health coach would help the client really put the information given into action through cooking demonstrations or workshops.

Don’t get me wrong, a health coach does not replace a physician, personal trainer or a nutritionist.  But a health coach can supplement the care received from these individuals.  Today there are endless opportunities to start a journey toward a healthy, happy life, but where do you start?  This is where a health coach can come in and help guide a client.  A health coach can help the client choose the right meal plan or fitness plan right for the individual.  And the health coach can help the client stick to it.

I recently became a certified health and wellness coach and the information I’ve learned in the past year is amazing.  I want to share it with people and help others learn what it feels like to live a healthy, happy, balanced life.  Are you someone looking for an addition to your current healthcare routine?  Connect with me today and set up your free consultation.

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