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Fear Is…

What exactly is fear?  To some it’s a road block.  To others it’s a hurdle.  To me, it’s something that scares me but I push through it anyway.  Sometimes I feel the fear and it takes over completely.  It pushes me back and while sometimes it might delay me, I’ve realized that I cannot let it hold me back.

Fear used to make me afraid.  Afraid of a lot of things – to make new friends, to talk to strangers, to go places alone, to workout in the gym by myself, to fail, etc.  There’s a lot on the list.  Over time, that list has gotten smaller.  How?  Lots and lots of work.

To get past the fear, I’ve had to look inward and take a really good look at myself.  I’ve read a lot of personal development books (about 8 last year), listened to tons of podcasts and journaled every week.  These small actions helped me realize what I wanted and helped me find out what my dreams really were.  The biggest things I learned are that fear is false evidence appearing real and that regret is a hard thing to live with.  My mantra to help me get through scary situations is to feel the fear and do it (whatever it is) anyway.

Back to that question…what exactly is fear?  For each person it’s different.  And each person has to figure out how to conquer it on their own terms.  But when you do figure out what fear means to you and how to kick it out of your house, it’s an amazing feeling.

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