What is health & wellness coaching? – Think of it like a missing link.  You see your physician for medical treatments, prescriptions, referrals, etc.  You also know there is a lot of information out there about everything.  You could research for days about things and not feel confident in what you’re finding.  And no, everything you read on the internet is not true.  But that’s where I come in.  A health and wellness coach helps you fill in the gaps, find answers to your questions and help you decide what to do and feel confident in making those decisions.  Essentially, it’s the missing link between your physician and living a healthier, happier life.

How does health & wellness coaching work? – Personalized, one-on-one coaching is where together, you and I, set goals, create a plan and start to make small changes that I call like to call Baby Steps.  It starts with a simple, free, consultation where I get to learn about your health history, your diet and exercise routines, the support you’ll have around you and how I can help you better.  Over the next several weeks, I provide you with recommendations and suggestions to try as you work toward your goals and we meet each week to go over your progress.  If adjustments need to be made, we make them. I will be there to guide you through every step of the way.  Let me be clear, though, in order to reach your goals you need to put in the work.  All coaching sessions are confidential and private; only the information you allow me to share with your support system will be shared.

Do you work with clients that do not have asthma? – YES!  Although my specialty is working with clients that have asthma, health coaching can help lots of people.  I have helped those with anxiety, those that need to find a balance in life and organize their time better, and even those that needed to branch out and try new foods in their diet.  The free consultation is in place to help us decide if working together would be beneficial…for both of us.  Just like a therapist, you have to find the right coach for you.  So sometimes, it will take more than one “interview”.

Is there anyone that you will not work with? – Unfortunately, yes.  Because I am not a licensed physician, nutritionist, nurse or therapist, I cannot or choose not to work with certain clients.  This is a decision I make for both the client’s and my own safety and not one I take lightly.  However, the free consultation is there to help both of us decide if it makes sense to work together.  If you’re unsure if you’re a good candidate, contact me directly to see if setting up the consultation is the next step for you.

How does payment for your services work? – Payment for programs or products will be accepted via cash, check or by credit card through PayPal.  The cost for each of the programs is listed on the Available Programs page.  Discounts are available based on enrollment options.  These are discussed during the free consultation.