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Lately I’ve been getting really into crystals.  Some call them stones or rocks, but for me, they’re crystals.  I find the term “crystal” has a stronger meaning.  And trust me when I say this, the crystals I’ve been using lately are S-T-R-O-N-G!  These two have made a powerful impact on me lately.

What are these two stones?  The bigger one is clear quartz.  One of the properties of clear quartz is that it brings clarity to the shadows.  The ones inside your head.  Have you ever had a situation where you can’t figure out which path to go down?  Clear quartz will help with that.

Clear quartz is know as a rockstar in the crystal world because it can do so much.  But it’s always willing to share the limelight.  What I mean is, it likes to work with others.  When you use crystal quartz alongside another stone, it raises the energy level of the other stone.

And it sure did that with the second stone I have here.  The smaller stone is moonstone.  It has the reputation of being the stone of fertility because it’s connected with the Moon and therefore a woman’s cycle.  It’s also known as a symbol of love and clarity.  Hmmm, there’s that word again…

So where and how did it bring me clarity?  Lately I’ve had these two stones together on my nightstand.  I just had a gut feeling these two should be together, so I put them together.  The funny thing about crystals is, they will tell you what they need, not the other way around.  After being on my nightstand for a few days, I woke up and knew that I just had a very graphic, realistic dream.  The second night, the same thing happened.  And the third night, it happened again.  I was blown away.  The first dream wasn’t too helpful, but the second and third were.  There…is my clarity!

My recommendation to you is to start learning about stones and working with them.  You will be drawn to them.  They will call to you.  And the ones you need in your life, will come into your life.  Clear quartz is a go-to for beginners because of how much power it has.  But make sure you get a friend to go with it.  They’ll be stronger together.



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