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Crystal Work

Lately I’ve been getting really into crystals.  Some call them stones or rocks, but for me, they’re crystals.  I find the term “crystal” has a stronger meaning.  And trust me when I say this, the crystals I’ve been using lately are S-T-R-O-N-G!  These two have made a powerful impact on me lately.

What are these two stones?  The bigger one is clear quartz.  One of the properties of clear quartz is that it brings clarity to the shadows.  The ones inside your head.  Have you ever had a situation where you can’t figure out which path to go down?  Clear quartz will help with that.

Clear quartz is know as a rockstar in the crystal world because it can do so much.  But it’s always willing to share the limelight.  What I mean is, it likes to work with others.  When you use crystal quartz alongside another stone, it raises the energy level of the other stone.

And it sure did that with the second stone I have here.  The smaller stone is moonstone.  It has the reputation of being the stone of fertility because it’s connected with the Moon and therefore a woman’s cycle.  It’s also known as a symbol of love and clarity.  Hmmm, there’s that word again…

So where and how did it bring me clarity?  Lately I’ve had these two stones together on my nightstand.  I just had a gut feeling these two should be together, so I put them together.  The funny thing about crystals is, they will tell you what they need, not the other way around.  After being on my nightstand for a few days, I woke up and knew that I just had a very graphic, realistic dream.  The second night, the same thing happened.  And the third night, it happened again.  I was blown away.  The first dream wasn’t too helpful, but the second and third were.  There…is my clarity!

My recommendation to you is to start learning about stones and working with them.  You will be drawn to them.  They will call to you.  And the ones you need in your life, will come into your life.  Clear quartz is a go-to for beginners because of how much power it has.  But make sure you get a friend to go with it.  They’ll be stronger together.



Have You Ever Had a Teachable Moment?

Have you had a teachable moment?  Not sure?  Well, let me tell you about the one I had today.

Today, I was at my day job and was doing a new task.  I was getting frustrated because I was watching the clock and seeing the minutes going by…fast!  To do something that seemed so simple, it was taking me WAY longer than I thought it should have.  When I went to leave, my boss asked if I was stressed.  I told her I wasn’t, but I was frustrated.  I wanted to be doing this task faster than I was even though I knew it would take me some time.  She told me the first time she did this task, it took her some time.  That statement made me feel better, but wasn’t totally easing my frustration.

On the drive home, I was having that internal conversation going over the task I did.  What could I have done better?  What did I do that took too much time?  And then it hit me!  I literally heard a voice say “Have patience with yourself”.  It might have been me talking to me, or it might have been the Universe or angels.  Regardless, it was a sign.  After that voice came into my head, my thoughts changed.  It was the Holy Instant at its finest.

On the second half of the drive home, I realized I needed to go through that in order to relieve some pressure I’ve been putting on myself.  I needed the Universe to remind me that I need to be patient with myself.  This was my teachable moment…and I’m glad I had it.

Are you having teachable moments?  If you’re not, or you’re not noticing them, I encourage you to slow down and start to pay attention.  Listen and keep your eyes peeled for the teachable moments that are in your future.  They are there to help you learn, grow and become a better you!  If you’ve had a teachable moment, share yours below!  What was it and what’d you learn?  I’d love to hear more!

I Was Healthier When…

Have you ever said this statement to yourself before?  “I was healthier when…”  I have and after a lot of thought, I’m able to finish the sentence.  My sentence goes like this…

I was healthier when I worked closer to home.

It doesn’t sound like the most profound statement, but for me it’s true.  I’ve noticed over the past few years that the distance I have to travel to work takes a toll on me.  It takes a toll on a lot of things in my life, but especially my weight.  When I worked closer to home, I had more time in the day to prep meals, fit in a good workout and still have time to spend with my family.  All three of these factors can help your weight stay where you want it to be.  For me, I know they all helped.

So what did I do about it?  It took me a few years, but I finally decided to make a change.  I’ve decided to move things around and find opportunities closer to home.  This change might sound big, but for me, it was necessary.  I needed to make this change for my family, for my sanity and for my health.  And I’m happier for it.  Now, I get to fit my fitness in every morning, I get to prep my meals on Sundays and I get to spend time with my family more.  The change has been so worth it.

Here’s my challenge to you. Finish this statement:

I was healthier when _________________________.

Spend some time thinking about this statement and journal what comes to mind.  For you, it might not be your work that’s affecting your health.  Instead it might be your lack of creativity, it might be that your accountability partner moved away or it might be the fact that you’ve given up.  Regardless of what it is, once you figure out what it is, make a plan to correct it and get YOU back.  If you need help, reach out.  We all have our struggles, including me, and sometimes another ear is what you need…

Body Image

When you look in the mirror, do you see this?

Some do.  Including myself.  And it can be hard to handle.  For most women, we don’t see the actual, true reflection.  Instead, we see a more worse-off image of ourselves.  We see the messy hair, the pudge around our waists, the wrinkled skin…the list goes on!  But why?  Why do we do this to ourselves?  The question is so individual, that only we can answer that for ourselves.

For me, the answer is simple.  I’m a perfectionist.  I have felt as though I’m never good enough, that I’m cannot compete with some other people around me and yes, that I’m not good enough.  But I’ve been able to counteract that with YEARS of personal development and spiritual work.  Trust me, those thoughts are not gone, but they are distant a lot more often.  And it is still a daily effort to acknowledge myself for what I am.

I challenge you to think about your answer to the question of why we give ourself negative feedback every time we look in the mirror.  Do some self-exploration, some meditation and some personal development to learn about yourself to find the answer.  And there’s one more thing…

I want you to consider having a daily mantra.  When you get dressed in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror before you leave for the day, I want you to say something good.

“I am beautiful.”

“I am strong.”

“I am ready to conquer the day.”

Your mantra is something you create and should be short that you can remember it and repeat it throughout the day.  Use your mantra over and over again until you believe it. And I mean REALLY believe it!  Once you believe it, make a new mantra for yourself.

Over time, these mantras you create (and the personal development you do) will help you see yourself in a different light.  Instead of seeing the messy hair, you’ll see a hardworking mom that hasn’t gotten to shower.  Instead of seeing the pudge around your waist, you’ll see beautiful skin.  And instead of seeing the wrinkles on your face, you’ll see the laugh lines that have given you amazing memories over the years.  Remember,  you are beautiful inside and out and you have amazing gifts to share with the world.  Love yourself and your love will rub off on everyone you meet.  


Let’s Talk Cheese!

Do you suffer from lactose intolerance?  Or maybe just have an aversion to cheese?  I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that you’re not alone.  According to some studies, approximately 30-50 million (yes, I said million) Americans have some form of lactose intolerance.  My husband included.

But what if you developed this condition later in life?  For many, that’s exactly the case.  My husband and I grew up drinking milk, eating processed cheese and using the fake cheese for toppings.  As adults, we started to pay attention to our diets and noticed that we had trouble processing dairy.  For me, it was cow’s milk and some yogurts and for him, it was cheese…especially when we had pizza.  But here’s the kicker – we LOVE cheese!  And we did not want to give it up.  The good news is, we haven’t.

You might be wondering how we both still have issues with lactose but continue to have cheese.  Well, the simple answer is we decided to be choosy.  We learned that there are certain types of cheese we can have and others that we have to avoid.  We learned that not all cheese is the same.

What I’m about to share may not apply to everyone, but you’ll have to test it out yourself to decide.  First and foremost, every cheese has a different amount of lactose in it.  This is what matters for those that experience symptoms.  If the cheese is fresher, it will contain more lactose.  Think creamier cheese like ricotta, cottage or cream cheese.  On the other hand, if the cheese has been aged, it will have less lactose.  The longer it’s been aged, the harder it is.  Something like gouda or muenster would fall into this category.  Now the cheese we gravitate toward are brie, cheddar, provolone, gouda, swiss and parmesan.  We have even had dairy-free cheese and loved it!

The thing many may not know is that sugar is the primary content of lactose, which is why it becomes difficult to digest.  Did a light bulb go off yet?  I hope so.  For many that have been diagnosed with lactose intolerance may not actually have an aversion to dairy.  It might be more likely that they have an aversion to sugar.  Think back to a time when you had too many simple carbohydrates or too much candy or soft drinks.  Did you experience similar symptoms as when you eat a piece of American cheese?

Here’s what I’ll leave you with.  Go out and test yourself.  Experiment (with your doctor’s permission, of course) and try out some of the harder cheeses.  I suggest doing it on a weekend when you don’t have too many plans, just in case.  You might just find out it’s not cheese that you have a problem with…


What is Your Imagination Telling You?

When we’re kids, we use our imagination all the time.  We dream of fairies and giants living in fields of green or trucks with jet engines that go really fast.  We read books and allow ourselves to be taken to other worlds.  But as we age, our imagination goes away.  We don’t use it as much.  Lately I’ve been asking why.

As a kid, our parents and teachers ask “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Some answer policeman or fireman, astronaut or scientist, or even dancer or circus performer.  Some of those answers may seem outlandish and as a result our parents and teachers may encourage us.  But as we get older, that same encouragement may turn a corner.

As teenagers, we get asked what college we’re going to apply to or what job we want to do [for the rest of our life].  At this stage, dreaming and imagination may still implanted in us.  But the reality is, those wild dreams we have may be shunned and we’re set out on a path toward education and work.

As adults, using our imagination or dreaming big can be frowned upon because it is instilled in us that we have to work.  We have to work in order to support our families, buy a house, have 2.5 kids and pay off that massive mountain of college debt.  Why?  Why is imagination left out in the adult stage?  For some it’s still within us, but for most it’s non-existent.  It’s almost sad.

When I started to really dream and use my imagination, my husband thought I was crazy.  Flash forward a few years later and he’s totally into it.  But it took him time.  We both grew up in the time where we were told we had to go to school, get a job, find a partner, have kids and live out our lives in this routine forever.  Because of my imagination, we’re changing that mindset and recreating the mold for our lives.

I challenge you to think about recreating the mold for you life and making it a life that you design.  Dream big, like Empire State building big, and make your dreams a reality.  Share your biggest dream below and lets make it happen!

Fear Is…

What exactly is fear?  To some it’s a road block.  To others it’s a hurdle.  To me, it’s something that scares me but I push through it anyway.  Sometimes I feel the fear and it takes over completely.  It pushes me back and while sometimes it might delay me, I’ve realized that I cannot let it hold me back.

Fear used to make me afraid.  Afraid of a lot of things – to make new friends, to talk to strangers, to go places alone, to workout in the gym by myself, to fail, etc.  There’s a lot on the list.  Over time, that list has gotten smaller.  How?  Lots and lots of work.

To get past the fear, I’ve had to look inward and take a really good look at myself.  I’ve read a lot of personal development books (about 8 last year), listened to tons of podcasts and journaled every week.  These small actions helped me realize what I wanted and helped me find out what my dreams really were.  The biggest things I learned are that fear is false evidence appearing real and that regret is a hard thing to live with.  My mantra to help me get through scary situations is to feel the fear and do it (whatever it is) anyway.

Back to that question…what exactly is fear?  For each person it’s different.  And each person has to figure out how to conquer it on their own terms.  But when you do figure out what fear means to you and how to kick it out of your house, it’s an amazing feeling.

Glyphosate is Everywhere!

Last night at an event, glyphosate came up.  Totally a hot topic that could be discussed at length…for hours.  Because there was so much interest, I thought it made sense to share a little bit about glyphosate.

If you don’t know anything about glyphosate, I’m glad you’re hear.  Ever seen commercials on television for weed killer or been shopping at your local hardware store and seen Round Up on the shelves?  Well, my friends, glyphosate is essentially Round Up.  And it is literally everywhere.  Round Up is owned by a company called Monsanto.  I bet you’ve heard of them.  They developed this herbicide to help farmers kill weeds and bugs that try to destroy their crops, but the problem with doing that is that herbicide gets into our food and spreads like wildfire.  Let me give you a little history lesson on this little germ killer.

Glyphosate was first introduced in 1997.  At the time, it was the 5th most active ingredient in pesticides and 36 million pounds were used.  That number seems high, right?  Wait…

In 2001, glyphosate moves to the #1 spot and is now the most widely used ingredient in pesticides.  Now we’re up to 90 million pounds.  But it gets better…

Just 10 years ago, glyphosate accounted for 182.5 million pounds used and is still the top ingredient in pesticides.  It even passes the second highest ingredient by 100 million pounds.  Are you still with me?  This was the last data sample from the EPA until May 2017.  Why?  There might be a good reason why.

When glyphosate first wanted to be introduced by Monsanto the EPA wanted more testing.  But Monsanto fought back.  The battle went on but Monsanto came out on top.  The won the fight.  No more testing.  And there hasn’t even been testing on humans…ever, from what I understand.  When the EPA finally decided to approve glyphosate, three people decided not to sign the approval for Round Up.  On a podcast I listed to, the interviewee said he asked one of these EPA employees why they chose not to sign.  In a nutshell, this employee said the EPA was making a mistake.

Here’s what I want you to take away from this article.  Yes, glyphosate is everywhere.  Including in organic food.  The problems are:

  1. There is no requirement in the US or Canada for labels to indicate if the food or product has GMOs in it.  There has been a law passed, but we’ll see where that goes…
  2. The World Health Organization has classified glyphosate as a possible carcinogen (YES – the big C-word) but the government has yet to do anything about it.
  3. Glyphosate is predominantly used on wheat, corn and soy crops.  This is clearly the majority of the foods most of us eat!

So what do we do?  There’s a lot more to this story so first and foremost, do some research yourself.  One place I’ve been able to get a lot of good information on is The Walk a Mile Project.  They are a non-profit organization that’s goal is to address one issue at a time and deliver the truth about what’s really going on.  They make documentaries to showcase the effects of GMOs.  I HIGHLY recommend you check them out.  And stay tuned in to what’s going on, what our government is approving and what is happening in our local communities.  You can help change the world by just taking one small action at a time.

The Voices in Your Head

Do you ever feel like you have voices in your head?  Like someone marching around with a megaphone saying things over and over again?  I do.  And no, I’m not crazy.  And neither are you!

I relate it to the angel and the devil on our shoulders.  The personalities living inside of our head that have a 3-way conversation with us about this or that, what decisions to make and what actions to decide on.  Whether you see it this way or as the person with the megaphone, you need to start listening.

These voices can either help us or hurt us.  They can cause us to make wild choices about which path to take or can make us live a life that’s stagnant.  But if we’re not listening, like really listening, we might not be taking their advice like we should.

Ok, are you still with me?  Let’s talk about how you can tune in and start paying attention to these voices.  Let me given you a few examples of how this whole thing should work.

Example 1:. It’s Friday night and your friends really want you to go out after work.  Part of you wants to but the other part of you wants to go home because you’ve got the early morning yoga class.  One voice [the angel] says to go home, get some rest and be ready for yoga in the morning.  The other voice [the devil] says you need to go out for a few drinks with your friends.  What do you do?

Example 2:  You’re on your commute to work and listening to your favorite radio station, a podcast or meditation mantra.  While that’s playing in the background, you suddenly get this urge to travel to a place you’ve never been.  You start to have this internal conversation.  You have no idea why you feel drawn to this place, but in your mind you go back and forth – do I stay or do I go.  Do you listen to the voice and figure out what it means or do you ignore it?

These are just a few examples that I’ve experienced and it took me awhile before I really started to listen.  How did I get there?  Meditation, self-care and mindful practices.  I just took 10 minutes a day to start and it has been a life changing!  I set aside just 10 minutes to be with me, myself and I.  I sat quietly, listened to music or day dreamed and things just came to me.  It even happens while I’m working out sometimes.  Only you can find the right place for you for those 10 minutes a day.

These voices can help lead you down a path that you never knew was open to you.  It definitely did for me.  I challenge you to start opening your mind more and paying attention to those little voices.  I’d love to hear what comes out for you!  


Social Media Break!

Wow!  It’s the New Year.  It’s 2018!  Anyone else feel refreshed?  I know I do.  And it’s because I took a social media break over the holidays.

You’re probably thinking it isn’t possible to take a break from social media because it’s accessible EVERYWHERE!  And you’re right, it is accessible everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you have to access it.  I bet it’s a totally foreign concept.  At least for some of you reading this.  It was for me.  I check my social media every single day and it’s addicting.  But that was the problem.  I found myself grabbing my phone every time I heard the “ding” go off telling me there was a new notification.  I knew I had to take a break.

The holidays were coming up and I knew it would be a time where I was super busy with events, family stuff, shopping for presents and cooking.  I also knew, I would be really tired at the end of the day from running around so much.  I had always planned on “unplugging” for a bit and this was the perfect time to do so.  My husband thought I was totally nuts because I check my phone about 30 times a day for the notifications, the emails, the contacts from clients and business partners.  He didn’t think I could do it, but I did, and it felt so darn good!  Here’s how my day without social media went.

First, I scheduled the time I’d be disconnecting.  I set the days and the hours.  I decided to start on a weekend I knew we’d be busy with shopping and running around town getting ready for Christmas.  When I first got up, I checked my emails for the important stuff and then shut off the sound on my phone.  I knew, throughout the day I wouldn’t be able to hear the new notifications and it would make it easier.  I tossed my phone in my bag and forgot about it.

When we got home, I immediately brought my phone upstairs to our bedroom, plugged it in and left it.  I walked out of the room without my phone and got busy with other things.  I had to clean the house, do laundry…I knew I’d be busy.  And busy I stayed.  I kept myself occupied so I wasn’t thinking about it too much.

At the end of day, I went right to bed without even picking up my phone.  I had the BEST night’s sleep that night and I’d like to think it’s because my mind wasn’t running like a ticker tape with notifications, things to do, events to remember, etc.  It was peaceful.

When I woke up the next day, I didn’t immediately reach for my phone and I noticed that.  The experiment made me realize just how attached I was to my electronics and what’s going on on social media.  And I bet a lot of you are too.  But why?  Part of me says it’s because we all just want to be connected with each other in some way.  But the other part of me says it’s just because life has progressed that way.

Either way, it was a great experiment and something I plan to do again in the future.  I encourage you to schedule a day on your calendar and unplug.  When you do, report back and tell me how your experience went.

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