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Is Blood Typing Right for You?

If you follow me on my personal profile on Facebook, you’ll know that I did a blood typing test back in February.

This post caused a lot of commotion but let me set the record straight.  The reason I did this blood test is because I was curious.  I have never known my blood type and whenever I asked my parents, they told me “Oh your blood type is in the file somewhere.”  Well, I thought it was important to know my blood type for a few reasons:

  1. I think it’s important to just know your blood type.  You may need to know it for medical reasons or when the Red Cross calls for donations of a certain type.
  2. I think your blood type can help you understand if you’re eating the foods that fit you, if you believe the theory.

I wanted to test that theory.  Over the past few years I’ve been experimenting myself.  I’ve remove certain foods on my own and noticed a difference.  For example, I removed cow’s milk from my diet about four or five years ago because I started to take into account how I felt after drinking it.  I would feel bloated, I couldn’t breathe normally and I felt like I wanted to crawl on the couch and just lie there for hours.  It was bad.  I’ve also noticed that removing some meat has had an effect on my body and how I feel.  Keep in mind, this experimentation was all done BEFORE I did the blood typing test.

After taking the blood typing test, I found out I was an A- blood type.  The negative basically means that I do not have a particular type of protein in it.  This result was very interesting because my mother swore I could not be this blood type.  But alas, this is what the test said I was.  Granted, there can be a small amount of human error (i.e. me) that may have done something to affect the results.  After reading the information about the diet that goes along with blood type A-, I was sure that this was me.

The blood typing test kit I used from Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s website and so I used the information he provided.  Someone that is a blood type of A- will

  • Flourish on a vegetarian diet – I found I did.  I felt better when I ate less meat.  But please, I won’t give up my back and eggs.
  • Feel better when eating natural foods – I eat as clean, fresh and organic as possible and I find I do feel more alert, have more energy and am less stressed out when I eat this way.

The information I had from the blood typing kit also said someone with a blood type of A (either positive or negative) would mostly enjoy workouts that help you de-stress, like tai chi, pilates, hiking or yoga.  Well, yoga is one of my favorite workouts.

The last piece of information honestly made me realize that I am blood type A.  It indicated that type A’s are predisposition to cardiovascular disease and other stress-related conditions.  I have asthma and there is a history of heart conditions in my family.

What’s the moral of my story?  First and foremost, listen to your body.  Secondly, if you can get some information to help you make changes in your lifestyle, do it!  It’s just information and you can take it or leave it.

The blood typing kit might help you learn something new about yourself, might help you solidify your reasons for making changes in your life or even might help you decide to make some changes.  I’m not saying you should follow Dr. D’Adamo’s theories to a tee.  But what I am saying is that blood typing could help you gather some information to help you live a more healthy lifestyle.  I’m glad I purchased this kit and his book that accompanies the test kit because it helped me realize that the changes I’ve made are valid and were done for a reason.

You can get Dr. D’Adamo’s blood typing kit here for only $9.95!  Yup…that’s it.  In his shop, you will find a TON of books, including the Eat Right 4 Your Type book that gives you the information you need if you want to eat according to your blood type.  Definitely worth the read!

If you’ve done this blood typing test, tell me about your experience!  I’d love to hear about it and know what you decided to do once you knew you blood type.

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