Personalized 1:1 Coaching Program

A 90-day coaching program where we work together toward a healthier lifestyle for YOU!  You set one (1) to three (3) goals and I help guide you, give you recommendations and suggestions to follow and help you reach them by the end of our time together.  You’ll have constant support, encouragement and accountability directly from me and will see changes quickly.

$597 for 11 sessions, includes complimentary Success Celebration.  Sessions are approximately one (1) hour in length.

Mindful Quickstart Program

This program is just like the 1:1 Coaching Program, only shorter and more focused.  Choose one (1) goal and over the course of 30-days, we set out to crush it!

$225 for four (4) sessions.  Sessions are approximately one (1) hour in length.

  • Discounts available, based on sign-up options.
  • Payment plans available.
  • Coaching Days:  Primarily Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday
    • Flexibility available, based on schedule of client and Coach Jenn
  • Contact me to schedule your FREE consultation!

Organize Your Life – Having an organized life is not only helpful for staying on track with your goals but it can also help you stay sane and healthy.  If you need help finding more time in your day, cleaning out a space, I can help!  Includes free consultation.  Organization sessions must be done in-person, in your space.  $45/session.  Sessions are approximately two (2) hours in length.

Time for Nutrition – Need help preparing snacks or meals that are more nutritious and fulfilling?  Together, we go through your pantry and fridge and make decisions on what should be kept and what should be tossed.  You’ll learn how to choose nutritious foods for you and your family, the art of prepping using portion control and more!  Includes free consultation.  $50/session.  Sessions are approximately two (2) hours in length.